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How Digital Marketing Helps Commercial Real Estate

How Digital Marketing Helps Commercial Real Estate

If you are the owner of commercial real estate properties, what is your current marketing strategy?

You may have a sign on the building that says “space available” or “retail/office space availability,” but are you doing any other form of marketing online? 

If not, you could be missing out on thousands of potential retailers and businesses that would be a perfect match for your space! 

Market To The Eyes and Imagination

Digital marketing has become the most popular form of marketing in the recent decade. In the past year alone, digital marketing spend has skyrocketed

because the pandemic kept people in their homes.  According to our research, global digital ad spend has increased close to 20% since 2019 and is expected to reach 389 Billion dollars by the end of 2021. 

If this isn’t an indicator to take a strong look at your digital marketing strategy, maybe these tips willMarket To The Eyes and Imagination

When you have an empty building that you want to sell, you want to market to potential tenants’ eyes and imagination.  Showing photos of the outside of the building and a few of the interior just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, you need to create an emotional connection between your potential tenants and the space.  

You can do this through interactive videos, virtual tours, 3D layouts, and more.  You can even use virtual reality so that viewers can actually build out their business right in the photos.  

Storytelling is a massive part of marketing, and promoting it with the use of digital marketing makes getting your story out to the masses even easier.  

Using advanced technology also gives you an edge because it creates a sense of experience and understanding of the industry and current trends. 

Build Connections

Another main aspect of digital marketing is the ability to make genuine connections and build relationships with people worldwide who could be interested in your space. Global marketing is even more manageable as well because of the connections you can create online! Don’t forget that people in other countries that plan on moving their businesses to the U.S. need a space to set up their businesses.  Having an immersive website, regularly updated social media, and instant messaging can build your business more than you would expect.

If something about your building catches a prospective tenant’s eye, they will want to connect with you right away.  Using marketing tools like automated messaging and appointment schedulers can land you more hot leads that turn into long-term clients with the click of a button. 

Patience is a virtue, but instant connection is the key to landing clients! Engaging with people online will make them feel like they’ve built a relationship with your brand and therefore creating brand loyalty.  Even if you might not have something they want right now, they may connect with you in the future to find something or refer you to their friends and colleagues!

digital marketing

Streamline and Move Forward

Don’t get stuck in the past with outdated marketing strategies. Instead, move your business forward with advanced technology and streamlined processes that help grow your business without adding more to your plate! 

When you run your business, we know it’s impossible to do everything 100% perfect, 100% of the time.  You only have so many hours in the day to perform necessary tasks.  That’s why implementing new digital marketing strategies can check many tasks off your to-do list!  Email marketing, testimonial and review requests, automated messaging, automated appointment scheduling, and the ability to see how your campaigns and funnels are performing can all help you take your business to the next level and allow you to focus on what you do best! 

Partner With WindWater

Here at WindWater, we provide commercial real estate services and implement the essential tools and processes you need to elevate your business and connect you with more clients.  We utilize advanced real estate technology and our knowledge and experience of the digital marketing and real estate industry to help you navigate the digital world and expand your reach.  To learn more about WindWater Real Estate and what you can expect from our team, read our blogs and search through our website for more insight. 

Connect with us today to see how we can help transform your business online today! 

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