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How Does Global Marketing Help With Commercial Real Estate?

How Does Global Marketing Help With Commercial Real Estate?

Are you familiar with global marketing and how it can benefit commercial real estate? If not, keep reading, or else you and your real estate agency may be missing out on a world of opportunity and growth. 

What is Global Marketing? 

Global marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing your commercial real estate services around the globe. This includes anywhere outside of your local area, but especially to investors from other countries who may be looking to relocate their homes and businesses to where your agency is located. 

Often global marketing is overlooked because real estate technology is not being utilized to its fullest capacity, so appealing to a worldwide market may seem impossible. However, with technology on our side, you can take your commercial real estate services across the globe! 

Why is it Important? 

Global marketing is especially important for commercial real estate because it adds billions to the United States economy every single year. By not capitalizing on this huge market, your commercial real estate agency might not achieve its fullest potential. About a quarter of all realtors within the United States work with international clients regularly. If your agency is not doing the same, your competitors have a leg up on you. 

According to many marketing experts in various areas of the industry, approximately 10-15% of your commercial real estate agency’s sales should be to global purchasers. With the proper attention to global marketing for your commercial real estate services, this should be fairly easy to achieve, as global purchasers statistically spend more than domestic real estate buyers. 

global marketing

How to Incorporate Global Marketing in Commerical Real Estate? 

Traditional marketing for commercial real estate has often involved mailers, billboards, benches, and bus stops, pretty much anywhere you can post an image of the commercial real estate agent and their information. However, in this day and age of technology, these forms of marketing and advertising are not as effective. This is especially true when it comes to incorporating global marketing in your commercial real estate office. 

When approaching global marketing with real estate technology, it is important to keep in mind that global purchasers’ wants and needs may be different than domestic buyers’, and marketing to them should be in their native language without obscure references to tactics and ploys that will only work in our local marketing campaigns. In addition, when you are marketing your commercial real estate services to a global audience, you should consider where you would like to focus your efforts. Buyers from certain parts of the world may be more interested in your commercial properties than buyers from other areas. 

This being said, you do not want to fall into the trap of only marketing to a specific large group of global investors simply for the size of the group, because they may not be interested in the kind of commercial properties your real estate agency handles. Instead, dedicate the proper time and devotion to discovering who your ideal buyers are, and then market to them, whether they are a part of the majority of international investors or whether they are part of a smaller group. 

How WindWater Real Estate Can Help

Harnessing the power of real estate technology is crucial to the success of your global marketing efforts. There are a handful of different solutions and many companies claiming they can help your agency achieve your goals. However, these are often unfortunately baseless promises that you never really see true results from. WindWater Real Estate is different. We are not just a marketing agency targeting real estate agents. We are real estate professionals ourselves who have leveraged our experience while utilizing technology to bring success to other agencies. 

We do not just tell you what to do, we get to know you and your business, as well as your goals, and partner to develop a plan that will truly work and is geared towards making your dreams a reality. Our customized “services” approach creates transparency from the beginning and puts

the power of the real estate process back in your hands.

WindWater Real Estate provides solutions for the disconnect between technology and the commercial real estate industry. Our platform leverages marketing and streamlines business development which creates real-time transparency with clients and simultaneously allows brokers/agents to focus on the deal. We have reinvented the way you approach real estate with customized and technology-driven solutions designed to maximize value and deliver results.

We know that your commercial real estate agency can benefit from what we offer at WindWater Real Estate. Want to see for yourself? Get in touch with us today. 

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