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3 Ways Real Estate Technology has Changed the Industry

3 Ways Real Estate Technology has Changed the Industry

Chances are high that you’re reading this article on your phone right now. 

In the last 30 years technology including real estate technology, has made incredible advancements. We are no longer attached to a spiral cord phone with only dialing capabilities. Everything we once carried in backpacks and briefcases can be stored on our phones with 24/7 access to “the cloud”. 

These advancements have shaped every industry from education, construction, medicine and real estate. 

2020 turned our worlds upside down and kept everyone in their homes craving for outside interaction. Thankfully, with our advanced technology people were able to “see” their families online, play games and interact with one another socially. 

2020 also played a big role in how companies, businesses and industries utilized technology; Many of them realizing that a technological update was desperately needed in order to keep up with the competition. 

This goes especially for the real estate industry. For over a year people who wanted to buy and sell their homes or properties couldn’t allow open houses or visit homes to see if their dream home was among one of their choices.  

Everything moved online and this set off a technological storm and everyone had to adapt and move forward in order to stay relevant. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology has advanced and changed the real estate industry. 

Drone Photography & Videography

Even before the start of the pandemic drones were  becoming increasingly popular and not just for taking on vacations or viewing sites from high above; they became an instant sensation in the real estate world. 

With drone photography and videography you are able to capture incredible pictures and videos from heights only able to be seen previously by helicopter or plane. This gave potential buyers a never before seen view of their future property and neighborhood. 

Before drones aerial footage was not cheap because of the cost to rent a helicopter and experienced photographer. Now you can get drone photography and videography at a fraction of the cost and end up with sensational photos that will help you stand out from the competition. 

real estate technology

Virtual Tours & Open Houses

2020 for real estate meant taking everything online. This included virtual tours and open houses of homes on the market. Real estate technology is now becoming more readily available and seen throughout the market and industry. 

Buyers are not going to purchase a home site unseen or just by photographs and in order to sell a home you have to think outside the box- or well inside the computer! 

Virtual tours of a home gives potential buyers the opportunity to walk through it without having to leave their home. 

This is also a perk for the real estate agency because now they shoot one video with all the details and can send out to the mass amount of potential buyers. You will reach more people now than ever compared to an open house.  You won’t spend hours going on tours of homes any longer with this use of this technology. 

However, you can still “walk through” virtually with the potential buyer and add that extra personal touch. 

Even though open houses and walk-throughs are still important parts of the process they will be left more interested in seriously purchasing that specific home or property. 

Streamlined & Online Communication

If you bought or sold a home previously, you know all the paperwork and meetings you have with brokers, lenders, agents and then finally the closing to officially buy or sell the home. All of those meetings have now gone virtual and most of the paperwork can be done right on your smartphone. 

Signing contracts and checking boxes can now be done as quickly as opening up an email. No longer are the days of printing out, mailing or even emailing back information for the sale or purchase of a home. 

This streamlined communication makes it easy for everyone to stay in touch and move quickly and efficiently through the home buying and selling process. 

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Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing, renting, or just want to optimize your portfolio and assists, we can help you in every way. We are the all-in-one company that can help you navigate and find success in the real estate world. 

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