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technology in real estate

3 Ways to Use Technology In Real Estate

3 Ways to Use Technology In Real Estate

Let’s talk about the home buying and selling processes…

According to the 2020 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, the first step in the home buying process for EVERY generation (ages 22-94) was to look online for properties. Because of this statistic, the internet was also where they found the home they eventually bought.  

The hardest part of the home buying process was finding the RIGHT home in which buyers looked to their agents to help them find it and help with negotiations and paperwork. 89% of buyers purchased their home through their agent, and 75% interview only ONE before choosing to hire them as their agent. 

So how does the industry handle this type of information? With the use of ever-advancing technology in real estate.

The Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Industry has come a long way from just yard signs and ads in newspapers.  2020 put the digitization of the Real Estate Industry into fast forward, and now we are experiencing a revolutionary time for the industry and agents to boost themselves even further with digital marketing, digital experiences, and digital services.  

In the past, we’ve discussed the ways real estate technology has changed the industry with drone photography, virtual tours, and streamlined digital paperwork. 

Today, we will discuss 3 ways technology in real estate is used that are focused on direct digital engagement.  All of this technology combined helps BOOST home sales, helps buyers find their forever home, and ultimately makes everyone happy and satisfied with the entire process. 

Customized and Targeted Ads

If you’re looking to sell or rent your home, what do you want? TO BE SEEN…but not just to “be seen,” but to be seen by the RIGHT buyer or renter.  With customized and targeted ads, your property will be seen by the right people looking to rent or buy in the area.  The aforementioned yard signs are a thing of the past because now, with digital marketing and GLOBAL, yes, we said global marketing, your property goes to the right people every time.  When listing your home for sale or rent, why do you just want to reach the local area when there are people from all over the world looking to move to your city?  With targeted ads, you can now reach them and bring them right to your door (virtually, of course). 

Teaming up with a marketing-driven real estate services team, like us here at WindWater Real Estate, you can easily target the correct type of buyer or renter for your home. 

technology in real estate

Instant Connections

We are all looking for an instant connection when we have questions about something important on the internet.  We want answers, and we want them NOW.  Well, with chatbots and instant website messaging, you can instantly connect with a virtual assistant that can aid with any questions.  Surprisingly, real estate agents are not awake 24/7 and are not always immediately available to answer questions or connect with a new lead.  Thankfully, with instant messaging and virtual assistant/ChatBot technology, real estate agents can connect with their leads and clients.  With this technology, agents can tailor their virtual assistant to answer frequently asked questions, nurture the lead into scheduling a call or meeting, and even start them on the path to the home buying process.  

Like we said above, most people buying a home interview ONE agent before agreeing to hire them.  This instant connection keeps leads warm and gives them a chance to work with you before you even start working with them.  

Smartphone Apps

Websites like Zillow and Trulia have morphed into all-encompassing mobile apps. Apps like these will notify a buyer of new homes in the area if a home they saved is no longer available and more.  Real estate agents and real estate companies now have access to that technology, too.  For a real estate agent, this is a great tool to keep in connection with current clients.  

Having the ability to have current listings and include things like high-resolution photos, 360-degree room views, and even virtual tours right on the app can make them more appealing to potential clients AND help current clients search through homes they are interested in.  The app can also include contact information, instant messaging, appointment scheduling, and valuable links and resources that clients will need during the home buying process.  

Work with WindWater

As a person currently going through the home-buying or selling process, you need an agent who understands the importance of getting you to your end goal.  We are technology-driven and marketing-driven real estate agents who know how to harness the power of technology and the internet to help you buy your dream home or sell your property. 

Are you looking to rent your space? We can help with that too! We utilize digital marketing and global marketing to reach the PERFECT tenants for your property. 

Connect with us today to learn more about WindWater Real Estate and to start working with a team dedicated to helping you reach your goals of buying, selling, or renting property. 

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